Brave Ones

To the brave ones

Who dare to love


In all circumstances

Keep loving

And never

Give up

Love is the oil

That binds all

Humans together

Love is life

And life is love

And about loving

Brave ones

Living in a cold

And cruel world

Keep loving

And never give up


Sometimes, love is difficult, not convenient and comfortable. Most of the time, it requires effort, sacrifice, diligence, duty, loyalty and commitment. We must make up our minds to love others with the commitment and devotion of Christ. We must be committed to love with the grace the comes through Christ.

It is not about comfort or convenience but about duty, loyalty and commitment. Regardless of who it is – spouse, children, siblings, parents, friends or the wider community, we should try to love others the way we expect them to love us and be good to us. No human loves or expects evil from others but are quick to be stingy at love and give out selfishness and evil.

The Bible commands us to owe others nothing but love. We owe others love – period. Love is our high calling, devotion, duty, and life. It is a commitment of the will that shuns and shies away from convenience and comfort. Love is sacrifice and hard work. We don’t love because it is convenient or comfortable and God made it that way to test and examine us.

My dear friends, let us all make effort to love always for that is our high calling in Christ. May great grace be upon us always to live and love like Christ.

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