Be a Better Husband

1. Love your Wife: Do not underestimate to power of love. Be faithful lto your vow to love your wife in good times and in bad times. A real man is not a taker but a giver. A baby man is a taker who is very selfish. There is nothing attractive or exciting about a selfish man because most women find selfish men very repulsive.

A kind, compassionate, caring, understanding man is very irresistible to most women. I know of men who cannot stand the heat or trials in relationships. Such men will generally find it difficult to sustain relationships because trials must come. If a man abandons his wife emotionally in time of trials, he has sown a bad seed. Most women find that very disappointing and will generally withdraw emotionally. It is very crucial for men to find out the true meaning of love and practice it. A good husband should love his wife like his body. Kindness is the oil that will soothe the heart of any woman like balm

2. Don’t bring down your wife’s self esteem: A good husband should always use positive words on his wife. Any husband that talks down on his wife and makes her loose confidence in herself is not a good husband.

3. Respect your wife: Respect is very vital and crucial to any relationship. Respect your wife always and never make her feel inferior. When respect dries out of a relationship, the consequence will always be bad. Love will also dry out.

4. Express your love: Never underestimate the power of words. Most women love to hear those three words. Say those magic words daily to your wife and see the transforming effect it will have on your relationship.

5: Please her: Find out what pleases your wife and make it a priority to please her. Also find out what displeases her and avoid them.

6: Understand her weaknesses: No one is perfect so if you expect your wife to be perfect and treat her like a machine, she will eventually despise you. She is human and needs to be understood. Love is about knowing your partner’s strengths and weaknesses and loving them regardless of those weaknesses. Loving  a perfect person is not love but a fantasy.

7: Don’t be lazy: Keep busy always and be creative. No woman likes a lazy man and most women fall in love with hard working intelligent men they can look up to. Any man who wants to loose his wife’s respect can indulge in laziness.

8: Never lie: Lying destroys trust in any relationship. It is very crucial that a husband remains transparent at all times. Once a wife discovers that her husband is a liar, she will never take him seriously again.

9. Don’t cheat: cheating never makes sense in a relationship. The joy of a marriage is exclusivity. Once that is abused the relationship becomes meaningless, Also, do not make her suspicious by constantly chatting with unknown females and keeping close female friends. It doesn’t make sense.

10. Do not abuse her. Physical and emotional abuse will leave scars on your wife’s minds and create unnecessary gaps in the relationship. Also, most women prefer to leave a man that abuses them.

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