And in vain they worship Me

And in vain they worship Me,

Teaching as doctrines the commandments of men.‘“ (Matthew 15:9 NKJV)

Anytime we try to replace or dilute the word of God with the commandments of men, we introduce confusion and darkness. When we do that, we worship God in vain because we will be busy obeying man made laws that might actually be offensive to God and end up honoring and worshiping idols. The worshippers actually believe that they are worshiping God but they are in fact disrespecting and insulting Him.

This false practice of teaching human doctrines as the commandments of God is found in most religions. It is only those who are born of the Holy Spirit that can escape this trap. Even after being born of the Spirt, believers must also strive to overcome all doctrines of men and false teachings that have been mixed with the word of God. Truth is in degrees and complete truth leads to complete victory.

May God help us to overcome all false teachings and the commandments of men in Jesus name.

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