Aggresive Faith

How about deciding to celebrate God’s love no matter what. Come rain, come sunshine and storm we conclude the matter within our hearts to set out time every day to rejoice in and celebrate God’s love.

We just marvel at Him and love Him like no one has ever loved Him before. We make up our minds to forget self and its doubts and sorrows and just worship God with fervour and ardour.

Remember that praise and worship is the only activity that precedes heaven and will follow us to heaven. It will not cease in heaven, rather it will be consummated in heaven. We must not take worship lightly because it is the very specific purpose of our existence – nothing else will do. God is looking for a relentless army of worshippers who have determined within their hearts to love Him against all odds.

There will be opposition but opposition should never cause us to abandon our worship and admiration of Christ rather opposition should make us shame our enemy. We meet the enemy at the battle ground of the mind and wrestle with Him until He gives up because He will definitely give up if we don’t give up.

One person must give up, one person must win the war. Either we win or the enemy wins. Christ has defeated the enemy but we must defeat Him in our minds by working out our own salvation with fear and trembling. There is no need for us to pay lip service to God, yet when trials come we quickly chicken out and go into anxiety and sadness. Sadness has never won the Christian battle in all of history. Only joy can defeat anxiety and defeat sadness. We must decide to embrace healthy mental attitudes rather than sadness.

What we think is what we will feel and if you doubt me try it and conclude the result by yourself. Decide today to spend hours especially at midnight every day in worship, rejoicing and celebration of God’s power and the forgiveness and love that God gave us on the cross and see if your dreams won’t change. Your daytime negative opposing thoughts will shape your night-time dreams and sustain and retain negative spirits. The word of God however will sustain, attract and retain the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. We already have the Holy Spirit but we can make Him inactive by our lifestyles. If we think His thoughts we achieve oneness with Him and begin to experience His love and mercy.

You stiff-necked and uncircumcised in heart and ears! You always resist the Holy Spirit; as your fathers did, so do you. – Acts 7:54

On the other hand if we reject His thoughts – the word of God, we will not experience His presence. It is only the man who loves the word of God that loves the Holy Spirit. When we reject His words and thoughts – the word of God, we actively reject Him.

We need to make up our minds to embrace aggressive faith and enter into victory.

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