A Preacher Of Righteousness

Noah was a preacher of righteousness. Jesus, Paul, the Apostles and Prophets were also preachers of righteousness.

Righteousness, prayer, praise, thanksgiving, worship, rejoicing in the Lord, persistence and the manifestation of the glory of God are all evidences and reflections of faith. They are the fruits that will prove that you really have faith. If you claim to have faith, knowledge and wisdom and do not bear any fruit at all, then you are self deceived.

To have faith is to know and understand the word God. If you know the word of God and are not practicing it, you are destroying your faith. Faith can be destroyed by your actions. Faith is also expectation. It is believing God for answers to prayers but sin is a hindrance to prayers. When you destroy your own faith with your own hands and actions and call on God, God will not hear. You have to meet an anointed vessel of honor to anoint you and pray for you. God is merciful and gracious and will hear, deliver and forgive sins.

Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers. 1 Peter 3:7

And do not give the devil a foothold. Ephesians 4:27

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. 2 Corinthians 2:11

Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results. James 5:16

Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. James 5:24

I knew that you always hear me, but I said this for the benefit of the people standing here, that they may believe that you sent me.” John 11:42

You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy. Psalm 45:7

It is only a person of faith that will manifest all the fruits of love, righteousness, praise, prayer, thanksgiving, worship, persistence, rejoicing in the Lord and the glory of God. The prayer of a righteous man is effective and avails much. There are no hinderances that will block or delay the answer. Jesus’s prayers were always heard and answered because He was a righteous man on earth and had no blockages or hinderances to His prayers. He was a preacher of righteousness and practiced righteousness. He hated sin and loved righteousness.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. Mathew 5:6

May we all love righteousness and encourage one another by preaching righteousness.




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