Heaven To Me


Holy Spirit,

Precious gift of God,

My companion and helper,

My all in all.

I long for you,




shower me daily,

with your latter rain.

Don’t withdraw your manifest presence.

From my life.

Living without you,

Is like a feeling worse than death.


Your presence

is Heaven

and joy

beyond words.


My life is in you,

My hope is in you,

My strength is in you,

My joy is in you.

You are the pleasure,

Above pleasures.


Take me to your holy place

And renew me once again.

Make me feel once again,

Your loving kindness and tender mercies.


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A Love Like No Other

Now that I have found

A love

Like no other

In the great Prince

I walk on clouds

And bathe and dance in

Golden rains

And purple confetti


It seems like

The world is lit up

With bright sparkling lights

As heavenly songs

Pervade and wash over

My soul

Transporting me

Into the world above the galaxies

To heavenly glories

And pure delights


I am so happy

I cannot contain my joy

The Lord has become my delight

And song

He lives in me

And I live in Him


Heaven and earth

Have met in great joy

In Holy marriage


My heart has become His home

And secret garden

As He envelopes me and

Wraps me up

In His aura

And heavenly essence


May the virgins

Of our great Lord

Delight in Him

May we open up

Our hearts

As He stands outside

And gently knocks

May we dine with Him



May He become our crown

And glory


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