Blessed Be God

Blessed be God

Blessed be His Holy name

He reigns on high

All things serve Him

He is supreme

Over all

There is no power

That He cannot subdue

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Playing In The Moonlight



Little girls dancing, clapping and playing in the moonlight

The wriggles and squeaks

Under a huge mango tree

The quiet village is filled with innocent cries of laughter

I gaze up into the sky and my eyes are fixed on a star in wonder of creation




My heart mutters

“How glorious are you, O King of glory.

You are pure and desire innocence

Cleanse our hearts and make us as innocent as doves

So that we can find joy in the little things of life

And gush out happy cries of joy

Just like the girls playing in the moonlight.”



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Golden Eyes


Through golden eyes

The golden clouds of heaven slide open

To reveal the throne of grace

Angels falling prostrate before you

The radiance of your light dazzles my eyes

Your beauty is beyond description

Jesus, marvelous Prince

You deserve all the honor and glory

Come Lord Jesus

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