That Day

O to see the day

In Heaven

To worship with the angels

And see the face of my King


O to see the love

And glory emanating from His face

To walk on streets of gold

And see the golden city

With its mansions


O that creation

Will begin to rejoice and dance

Clap and sing

At the though of the great

Beauty and love

That awaits the saints


King of glory

King of love

May your Kingdom come



City of Cities

The city of cities

Made of gold

Heavenly wonder

Glorious in splendour

Palace of the redeemed

City of cities

Home of Jesus our king

We your citizens

Contemplate the beauty

And wonder above

City of cities

Spun and crafted

With the love of God

We long to see

The throne of God

And the lamb

And walk on

Streets of gold



Golden Eyes


Through golden eyes

The golden clouds of heaven slide open

To reveal the throne of grace

Angels falling prostrate before you

The radiance of your light dazzles my eyes

Your beauty is beyond description

Jesus, marvelous Prince

You deserve all the honor and glory

Come Lord Jesus

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Walking Under An Open Heaven


And the heavens opened

And I saw His glory

He was smiling

Very handsome and resplendent as

He said to me,

“Celebrate my love.”


It is vital and essential

To always celebrate

The love of God

In Christ Jesus

That is the greatest

Act of faith

Shunning every propensity

For sadness

And ingratitude

And embracing

His great love

In worship

And thanksgiving

That is when

He appears

And visits us



The Heavens Above

I contemplate the heavens above

The wonders of heaven

And the love of God

I can see a golden hand street out

The hand writes on the cloud

Pure golden clouds

Thick and powerful

Child give me your heart

Open your heart

I reply,

“Lord, take my heart

It belongs to you

Make me understand

That your love is all that matters

Every other love flows from you

The source of living love

I will love you

O Lord my God

Because you deserve

All my love.”

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