His Word is Settled

Forever, O LORD,

Your word is settled in heaven. (Psalm 119:89 NKJV)

Your word will never change
You redeemed us
With your blood
And gave us laws
To guide our faith and victory
You sealed your covenant
And gospel
With your blood
No contrary word
Will stand in our lives
Only the word of the Most High

Will stand


We cling to your word
Like air
Give us the grace
To wait upon you
And seek your face
With patience and prayer
Until your settled word and covenant
Comes to pass
In our lives

Walking In The Park

Walking in the park

Thinking to myself

Some own the world

And some are victims


The bold, the brave

The cowardly and the weak

Have one thing in common

A changeable destiny



Walking in the park

I know for certain

That the cowardly

And weak

Can reign victorious

On earth

By faith prayer and persistence

If they truly dare.

Glorious Day



O what a glorious day

What a glorious morning

It will be

When the saints


At the marriage supper

Of the Lamb



O what a glorious day

When the saints

Behold the great city

Of God

Adorned with

Precious stones!




O what a blessed sight

That will kiss

The eyes

Of the redeemed

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I Dream

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Dreaming of love

Dreaming of peace

Dreaming of joy

In full measure

I gaze into the sky

And think to myself, 

“But surely,

Only Jesus can produce

These fruits

All I have to do

Is simply yield

In full submission 

To His firm

Control and love.”

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