Pray Deeply From Your Heart

  1. Until you pray from your heart
  2. Until your cry becomes very loud
  3. We are spirits
  4. Cry for a long time i.e., persistent prayer

The Israelites were broken by the cruel slavery and bondage, and they cried out to God for help

Their spirits were broken. It’s called trauma.

Whatever you think about or experience for a long time goes into your spirit

If you pray for a long time, your spirit picks it up and starts praying.

Learn how to offer petition, supplication, and request to God. Ask and you will receive. You have not because you ask not

The same with praise, worship, confession, bible reading, and thanksgiving

Ask God from your heart and pray from your heart,

Cry for a long time persistently and let your cry or prayer become loud

Heart cry is the heart prayer that has gone into your spirit and your spirit is now talking to God spirit to spirit

We are spirits, so we need to be spiritual men and women

Do Not Fall In Love Foolishly Laura Bon

Do not give your heart out very cheaply. Do not fall in love with someone who is not your husband. A man needs not earn your love and respect. Follow Bible standard. A man needs to love you and commit to you before you give your heart to him. Be strategic and intentional about love and marriage. Do not fall in love foolishly. Falling in love with someone you are not married to, and letting him walk all over you, abuse you and break your heart is self destructive. Value your emotional well being. Be intentional and purposeful about love. You can control who you fall in love with. — Support this podcast:
  1. Do Not Fall In Love Foolishly
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  3. Pray Deeply From Your Heart
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  5. Pray For Great Grace

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