May God Defeat Every Enemy That Is Frustrating Your Destiny

There are enemies that Satan will inject into your life to frustrate and discourage your vision and destiny

Saul was used by the enemy to frustrate and fight David’s destiny and life

Ultimately, the enemy wants to end someone’s life so as to cut off that destiny. That is the most effective way that the enemy destroys destiny. It is a very simple logic – end the life and end the destiny.

So be aware and fight like a lion. Some people died prematurely, without fulfilling destiny because the enemy beat them to it.

Sometimes, it is not about some great sin that you, your parents, or ancestors committed. Sometimes it’s just the enemy vowing to stop a great destiny. That is why you must always hear from God concerning the root cause of your problem. If the enemy has vowed to stop your destiny, vow to stop the enemy and be victorious.

Pharoah vowed to stop the Israelites and held them in captivity

Moses was saved and not killed with the Hebrew children and a great destiny was saved.

Herod vowed to kill Jesus as a baby, before He could even grow up, but God saved Jesus.

Identify the obstacles and enemies to your destiny and aggressively defeat them by prayer and actions

Jesus made sure that He finished His work. We should too.

Pray Deeply From Your Heart Laura Bon

1. Until you pray from your heart 2. Until your cry becomes very loud 3. We are spirits 4. Cry for a long time i.e., persistent prayer The Israelites were broken by the cruel slavery and bondage, and they cried out to God for help Their spirits were broken. It’s called trauma. Whatever you think about or experience for a long time goes into your spirit If you pray for a long time, your spirit picks it up and starts praying. Learn how to offer petition, supplication, and request to God. Ask and you will receive. You have not because you ask not The same with praise, worship, confession, bible reading, and thanksgiving Ask God from your heart and pray from your heart, Cry for a long time persistently and let your cry or prayer become loud Heart cry is the heart prayer that has gone into your spirit and your spirit is now talking to God spirit to spirit We are spirits so, we need to be spiritual men and women — Support this podcast:
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