Do Not Chase After The World, Chase After God

Message about the importance of pleasing God by chasing after His will instead of the pleasures of sin and worldliness

Chasing after God’s will, His Kingdom and His righteousness is the truth. When you do that, all other things will be added to you, because God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. God gives blessings that do not add sorrow.

God Wants You To Be Trainable Laura Bon

Message about God's disciple and the importance of responding right and being trainable — Support this podcast:
  1. God Wants You To Be Trainable
  2. Pleaser of God Not Men – Get Rid of The Delilah’s In Your Life
  3. Live Above The Deceitfulness and Pleasures of Sin
  4. Depend On God's Grace
  5. Understand The Fear Of The Lord

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