Seek God’s Face

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Hide not Your face from Your servant, for I am in distress. Answer me quickly!

Psalm 69:17
  • God’s face can be hidden from you. Find out what is hiding God’s face from you and aggressively repent from it and position yourself to experience God’s face.

  • God’s face is His glory or manifest presence

  • Pray when you are in distress. The only cure for worry and stress is prayer.

  • Constantly seek God’s face. Pray to experience His glory. Also pray for God to answer you quickly. It is biblical. God is not the one delaying your prayers. He does not change.

  • Change something in you, and in your lifestyle including your prayer life, so that you can initiate a change and move the hand of God. God wants to answer your prayers – those that are in line with His will.

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