Indescribable Love

When I express

My love

For you

In deep reverence and worship

You come upon me

And fill me

With indescribable love


Your love is

Manna from heaven

It is the food of Angels

And the hope of mankind



Fill me with

Your sweet life giving love


Fill me with

Yourself once again!

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  1. Awesome poem, Laura and love so well portrayed for Jesus.

  2. Yes Lord continue to fill us up with all of you in Jesus name! I love being in His holy presence! I feel the filling up of His power and love in my stomach whenever I sing to Him and offer my body as a living sacrifice daily at His feet. Amen! Glory to God! Love this one! God bless and continue to fill you up until you overflow! <3

  3. A truly indescribable love! A lovely share!

  4. David C Brown says:

    None but Christ can satisfy!

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