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Sometime ago, the Lord spoke to me and spoke these words,All that matters in life is power. It is power that defeats power and people with less power are always slaves of people with higher power.”

If you search throughout the Bible, you will see that God accomplished everything by His power and people who did exploits and great things did so by the power of God. God had to destroy the gods of Egypt by His power in order to deliver the Israelites. Power must swallow and supersede power.

Nowadays, people confuse biblical terminologies. A lot of people confuse faith with power but that is spiritual foolishness and confusion. Faith is faith and power is power. Jesus, the prophets and the apostles never confused faith with power. This is because they experienced both. They are two separate experiences.

Faith precedes power and is the foundation for power. Without faith, you will not experience the power of God but faith is not a stand alone concept. It works with other variables like prayer, obedience, persistence and worship. Faith should take us somewhere – the presence of God. We go into the presence of God with confidence on our waist. Any faith that you have that limits your ability to wait upon God or does not motivate you to wait upon God, seek His face or power and experience the presence of God is self deception and self dependence. Jesus, the power and glory of God is the face of God that we must seek and pursue daily.

The Bible should always be our example. Great men of the Bible that had faith experienced the power of God. It was not all talk and nothing else. Faith is our mental attitude and belief towards God. Power is the material essence of God – His blood, fragrance, flavor and aura. Jesus is that power of God. Jesus is the glory of God. We must eat Him and drink Him in order to be protected and victorious. Eating Him and drinking Him means experiencing Him. The Israelites ate and drank the cloud – the living rock that went with them and that rock was Christ.

You can see why it is idolatry and spiritual foolishness for people to take bread during mass, water, oil and other physical materials and call it Jesus. I have seen people bless water and call it the blood of Jesus. I have seen people bless oil and call it anointed meaning power. Jesus is the anointed one and He anoints us. Oil can never be anointed. It can be used for anointing in a symbolic form and the prayer of faith will heal the sick. God can never live inside a bottle of oil. Can you take Jesus and cage Him in bottles, bread and mantles? I weep. This hurts the Lord greatly, He has told me that no one can put Him in a box to release Him at will.

That is witchcraft and idolatry and people who think that way about God cage demons and release them at will. Those demons go ahead to rape, steal from and kill others. That is what God revealed to me. Some know it is witchcraft and others do not know that they are practicing witchcraft- they are blind witches. Appalling.

I am not sorry to say that people who engage in these things will go to hell if they do not repent. That is the message I was called to preach. It is better I say it and save souls from destruction instead of being lily livered like some ministers because they fear men and don’t want to offend men. The devil loves men who fear men and do not fear God. Church we need to be very careful.

God is present everywhere but His manifest presence is not present everywhere. It is that manifest presence that is the power we need everyday. We need Jesus everyday. The manifestation of the Spirit is Jesus Christ Himself.

Our spirits – the temple of God must be filled with His glory. His mercies are new everyday so we must renew the glory daily. There are levels and degrees of glory and we are to be transformed from glory to glory.

If the glory and light in us is very small, we will be oppressed, weak and defeated. That is why you see worldly people with demonic powers ruling over some Christians – the princes and princesses of God that should rule and manifest in this world as lights of the world. Until we learn how to seek God’s face and power and be constantly filled with His glory, we will not know the full meaning of sonship and the full statue of Christ.

Power is all that matters in life. Funny enough, the world understands this simple principle but the Church of Jesus Christ is being deceived by naked teachers who know nothing about the power of God and have been hired by the devil to deceive and delude. They deceive believers into mental philosophies that cannot lead us into the very presence of God.

Power only comes by the stubborn faith that remains in the place of prayer, seeking God’s face and waiting upon Him. That was how Jesus our example lived. Faith that talks and talks and does not wait upon God is not faith at all but deception. True faith must believe, obey and wait upon the Lord to seek His face, power and glory.

May great grace be upon us in Jesus name.

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