Cling to God with all

Your might


Cling to God

In good times

And in bad times


Cling to God

With your last

Dying breath

And never let go


Cling to God

Against all odds

For that is

What it means

To be a fighter





Fight the good

Fight of faith


Cling to God

And never let go

Or look back


Cling to God

Trust Him

Have faith in Him

Have hope in Him


Cling to God!

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  1. Wonderful!

    Sister Laura Bon, when I first learned of your ministry in Christ.

    I saw a few Psalms music videos by you.

    A blessing and inspirational!

    Grace, peace, and blessings in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

    • laurabon says:

      Thank you so much, my friend for your inspiring and encouraging words. Grace, love and peace to you always ❤️🙏💕

  2. If one clings to god believe me when you are all done he lifts you up he clings to you like no one ecstatic post I believe in this

    • laurabon says:

      Thank you so much for the beautiful and inspiring response. When we cling to God, He lifts us up. Glory to God. What a mighty God we worship! Blessings 🙏❤️

  3. Yessssss!!!! Amen!!! I’ll cling to you Oh LORD MY GOD!!! MY FORTRESS!

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