Hooked On You

I am hooked on you
bound to you
And attached to you,
My resurrection and my life.
You have become
The anchor for my soul.
I think of you
And meditate on your word.
Your wonders and salvation
Fill my eyes,
And make me
Love you more
I am hooked on you
Because only you
Can do
What no man can do.
I’m helpless without you
I’m weak without you
And I’m desperate for you
Because you are the air I breathe.
Where you go
I will go.
I will follow you wholly,
And thank you in every circumstance,
Rejoicing in your salvation and redemption
Celebrating your love
Because you are my food and water
And I am hooked on you – your word and glory.
Take me
Wash me
Mold me
Clothe me
Feed me
Beautify me
And crown me.
I definitely cannot live without you
And I need more
Of your wisdom
And glory, everyday,
That is why I am
Hooked on you.

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  1. I like your lead-ins, but I can’t access any of your actual posts.

  2. Oops, I take that back. Jesus and the Holy Spirit do indeed support us and help us, where mortal people can only send us prayers and positive thoughts.

  3. mistimaan says:

    Loved it

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