A Husband’s Love Must Be Stronger

Christ’s love is stronger than our love for Him, and this is because He is stronger than us. Love requires a lot of inner strength and stamina. It is not easy at all but must be pursued and embraced. When a woman’s love is stronger than the love of her husband, she is unconsciously playing the role of a man in the marriage. As long as the marriage is being kept together, it is not bad but just unnatural that a “weaker vessel” has more strength. It is just not an ideal. Sometimes God permits events and circumstances just to protect  man from Himself.

The Bible instructs men to love their wives and also commands wives to respect and be submissive to their husbands. The Bible did not say “women love your husbands, it said, men love your wives “The trick is this – love compels respect. The wise ones have discovered this secret while the careless ones do not even know their left from their right and are content with their ignorance. Having said this, any woman who refuses to love a hardworking, loving husband needs to go and examine herself. There is something inherently wrong with her. Not many women are in this category – most women just want to be loved and understood.

Nobody is perfect – both men and women but if we walk in the footsteps of Jesus who loved His Bride and gave Himself for her, the word will be a better place. Any man who loves his wife loves himself because she is his body – he is not doing her a favour because it is a strange thing for you to hate yourself. Women must also reciprocate that love by loving and respecting their husbands with all that is in them- body, soul and spirit.

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